Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yay! softball!

I signed Chiquita up for softball. The other day we bought her a bat, glove, cleets, and some practice balls. She's so excited about playing, and she wants to show her gear off to everyone. But the coach called me last night to say we had pactice tomorrow and that they are combining the 6 and under with the 8 and under. This worries me because some of the 6 yr olds (Chiquita included) are first time players and the eight year olds will be more into competing. Even the coach isn't too happy about it. Think I'll email the VP of the league and let him know of my concerns. Maybe I'm making too much of it.......maybe not.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

El Rhinestone Cowboy y La Chingona

Another thing I remembered about the Westcott Drivein, was that when my parents used to take me with them there was a man there who really liked me. I don't think it was in a creepy kind of way. He would always buy me a soda. At the time there was a song called the Rhinestone Cowboy by (I think) Glen Campbell. This man loved the song. He would play it on the jukebox. I'm not sure if he was a huge fan of Elvis Presley or what but I remember him wearing white pants with rhinestones along the sides... There was another man that used to be a regular and he was huge! Huge and bald. His name was Tiny. :P

Oh and now that I'm on the subject of huge...There is a girl who plays the drums in my cousins band. hehe The girl is about 6'4, 300 lbs. She was a huge, a beast, grandota, chingona! While at the benefit, she came up to the food line and was checking it out. People moved out the way when they saw her coming. Everybody was skeered! We had certain amounts of meat and sides that we'd put on each plate. Shiiiit! My cousin started serving her plate the regular way (3 meats, 2 sides), and the beast asked for more meat and bigger portion of sides. No one said a damn thing. I told my cousin it was a good thing she loaded her up cause if not she could kick all our asses! heh

stay away from the potato salad!

Yes, I'm still covering the potato salad. So if you're tired of reading about tator salad then scroll down four paragraphs.

I don't think I'll ever do a huge amount like this past weekend. The benefit turned out very good considering my tator salad was fucked up. The ipod raffle was a success. We raised two grand for my brother. That should help him for a while. I'm just glad no one got sick.

My aunt called me the other day to ask if the potato salad was bad. WTF??? Why would I serve potato salad if it was bad? I admit I have a wicked sense of humor but damn, I'm not that bad. I would never knowingly do that to people. Apparently the salad was on the verve if being real nasty. Here's the deal. I bought all the shit on Tuesday. Wednesday I chopped ten large onions and eight thingys of celery bagged it up and put it in the fridge. Then on Thursday I chooped twenty large bell peppers, bagged them up and put them in the fridge. Then Fiday I cooked 60 lbs of tators and that evening I assembled it with the help of my neighbor. She offered some great wine and I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately I think the wine altered my buds. I sampled the salad and it tasted fine. I asked her to sample the salad but she was avoiding the carbs. So I was the only taster. I tried getting in contact with Webmastermama but they said she went out dancing with James Blake. :P

So we packed the salad in the containers and put them in the fridge. Good thing the neighbor had and extra fridge in the garage. The day of the benefit it did taste a bit off, but I thought it might be all the beer I was drinking. :P Besides no one was complaining! They were asking for more. Guess it really was going bad cause my Tia anojada (when she talks she always sounds like she's mad) called me a couple days later to say it tasted bad. Gee thanks Tia anojada. It would've been nice to know then so that we can get something else to serve instead. She calls me after the fact. So far I haven't heard anything from anyone else but her.


So we had the benefit at Westcott Drivein. It's a ice house. My Tio Squeaky knows the owner. He agreed to let us have it there if everyone bought drinks from him. Well it worked out really good cause I come from a family of socializers and drinkers. I got there early to help Squeaky set up. I tried to avoid the standard greeting of hug, kiss, kiss from him cause my Tio has the nastiest kisses. He puckers his big lips and ends up slobbering on the cheek. No one ever wants a kiss from him. But of course I got the wet kiss. When the bartender asked if I'd ever been to the place, he wasnt expecting me to say I'd been there when I was a little girl. He had a "hide the beer from her" look until I explained that my parents were drinkers. Back then (mid 70's) it was a kid friendly place. Although I think my parents were the only ones who brought their kids there. If you're thinking my parents were alcoholics, you are right. Damn it, a couple that drinks together stays together :P lol I sounds ghetto but it really wasn't. I only twitch sometimes. Anyway, what was my point? Oh yeah, it was nice seeing all my family and friends and friends of friends sitting around enjoying a meal and pitching in for the cause. We even had live music courtesy of my cousin.

After shutting down the kitchen we all just hung out. Since I don't get to go out all that much and much less with my family I decided to deliver the plates that my in laws and nighbors ordered and head back into town to hang out. It was a very good time. Good times, good times... There was a regular to the bar who jumped into a convo with me, my friend the Firecracker, and the hottie that was chatting her up. They were talking about dating and he felt it was appropriate to tell us that he loved to lick pussy. That was one of his goals in life. To make a woman feel beautiful by licking her pussy. We laughed at him so much! Firecracker recorded it all on her digital camera. He was a good sport. He never took offense when we started calling him Pussy licker. Then I got a call that Chiquita had a fever so I had the leave. Hopefully I can do it again soon with some of the cousins.

OMG it's 12:15 pm! Ok. I better go. I still have shit to do.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

having nightmares about potato salad and Maxwell

Okay, Okay, first let me say that I really enjoy Maxwells music! Beautiful voice and all that. BUT....DAMN. Yeah I'm a little behind on the times. Well maybe I'm behind a few years. Anyway. Last night I came across BETs After Dark video show and they showed Maxwells Whenever Wherever Whatever video. Beautiful song, but it doesn't match the video! I've never seen it! Can't believe I haven't seen it all this time, but like I said I'm way behind on the videos. Anyway, he was looking a little uhhh CRAZY! Especially the first time he comes into view with his arms stretched out like he was coming to get me. His eyes man! They already look intense. They had him coming around corners and shit! And what about that ho-ho shoe under the bed? (it was a nice shoe) If you have to crawl more than halfway under the bed to get a shoe, shouldn't you just get it from the other side?? That way you wouldn't have to get all dusty. I felt like I was being chased! He kept getting in my personal space. Not a good thing for me to see when I'm home alone. I might have trouble sleeping tonight.

Wednesday I started making the 60 lbs of potato salad for my brothers BBQ benefit . That's alot of mofo potato salad! Today I had to go sit down cause I was feeling whoozy from standing up for so long. Guess I could've sat down, but then the table wouldn't be at a comfy level for chopping. Plus at noon I still hadn't eaten anything for the day. I was so set on finishing all the chopping today that I forget to eat. Now I just need to cook the papas and start putting it together. Too bad hubby isn't here to be the sampler. I'll have to get someone else. Any volunteers??

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Real quick

Shh.....I really shouldn't be posting right now. I have plenty other stuff to do. But it's been a few days since I last posted. I've been watching all uhh, I mean some the coverage from Katrina. It's just so sad. These people will need help for a very long time. I just can't imagine losing family, homes, and being in another city with no place to call home and no way to make money cause your job back home is gone too!

Did you know that you can people watch while watching TV? Yeah...sounds weird huh? Well I was people watching on tv. I was noticing some of the stupids things the reporters were saying and doing. I know they are out there to report the disaster, but damn! Reporters have a knack for stating the obvious. Like just before Katrina hit there was a reporter who was standing in the middle of nowhere telling us what was going on. His name is Wayne Dolcefino. He's a reporter for ABC 13 in Houston. I'll set up the scene...

So Wayne D. is standing in the middle of a roadway. He's wearing his waterproof windbreaker. The 99 cent bottle of mega hold hairspray he used to keep the wind from giving him the flyaway look just isn't cutting it anymore. The mega hold has lost its power :P It's dark outside, and the light from the camera picks up the heavy rain and winds. Wayne is standing in knee deep water and trying to balance himself against the strong winds. He says something like this... Yes Dave, I've been standing here for the past hour and the rain is just pouring! Look at me! I'm soaking wet, and I'm standing in knee deep water. See? The water comes up to my knees! The winds are so strong that I'm leaning forward to balance myself. The current is very strong! I'm not sure I can stay here any longer! Seems like I need to get out now while I can! Reporting live from New Orleans, I'm Wayne Dolcefino. Back to you Dave...

Then there is the other reporter that asks the obvious. I saw many reporters asking the victims to explain what they've experienced. The stories are so heartwrenching. By what the person is saying you get a sense of what they've been through. But then it all changes when the reporter asks them what it feels like to lose their home, pictures, clothes. Well what do you think? The reporters sit up looking as clean as they can with the clothes they were able to pack talking to the people who are in fear for their life, their future, tired, hungry, dirty, and the only thing they can ask is how it feels to lose their house and belongings. It insn't necessary to ask that. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a really insensitive thing to do just to get ratings.

I better get going. Be back in a few days.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

oh no!

The neighbor called today to say that her son qualified to ride the little bus...

Monday, August 22, 2005

I made it!

*whew* This was a weekend class so there wasn't too much time to study. I was worried for a minute about how I was going to get through this one. I passed the test. It was easier than I thought. I'm getting close. I can't wait to be done with this.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Are you really that dumb?

The past two days I've been cooped up in class. I'm taking The Art Of Negotiation. So far I can't say I've gotten too much out of it. A lot of it is just common sense. I'm trying not to think of it as a waste of time. The instructor is pretty damn funny. He's full of sarcasm. Not the kind that would make him an ass. More like the funny kind. Not funny queer, but funny-haha. Most of the people in this class are license agents. There's one man who buys and sells gas stations. Half the class is older. As in late 40's. There is one guy who is in his early to mid 20's.

Things I heard in class that left me stunned....

(From the 20 year old) "Who are the Rolling Stones?"
(From the 20 yr old regarding Dave Ramsey the money management expert) "Dave Ramsey? Is that Jon Benet's father?"

(from the woman sitting behind me regarding the expression BFE-as in bum fuck Egypt. "What is that?

At one point the instructor asked us if we knew how to eat a elephant-as in, when facing a huge hurdle to tackle it piece by piece. At the same time he asked that question, I nodded yes. He pointed at me and said "she knows how to eat an elephant". I thought it was funny when a guy in front of me turned and asked if I really knew how to eat one. I decided to have a little fun with it and said yes. He was surprised. Poor thing probably couldn't concentrate on the lesson cause at the next opportunity he asked me what the elephant tasted like. LOL!! I had to hold up my end of the joke, so with a straight face I told him it tasted like beef. With raised eyebrows he said "Hmm". I thought we were both being sarcastic. I didn't feel like I needed to explain so I didn't. Later he asked me how I ate the elephant. I wasn't sure what he meant. Surely he wasn't serious! He asked how I cooked it. LOL Dumbass! That's when I told him I was kidding. I asked if he was kidding and his response was no. He said earlier he heard me talking to the guy sitting next to me about having family near Monterey Mexico and thought that maybe that's where I encountered this elephant that I claimed to eat. Poor thing was so embarrassed.

And of course there's always that one person who is such an ass. His voice was so big! A big voice with a cocky attitude is so annoying. Every time he talked I got goosebumps. Not the good kind either.

I'm so glad this class will be over tomorrow. One more day. Will I make it?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

6 going on 14 with a fear of heights?

Is it possible for a six year old to feel puppy love? I swear Chiquita and (Littleman) our four year old next door neighbor are joined at the hip. This is not good. I've already told his mom they need to separate. It's really getting out of hand.

Both of them are signed up for gymnastics. They both went last year and now this year too. Chiquita is supposed to go twice a week. I just signed her up for the fall. Today would've been her third time going. Unfortunately Littleman goes on Tuesdays also. When she found out that he was going, she wanted to be with his age group. Of course she's not understanding why she can't be in his group. In her little mind, if they can play at home why can't they play at gymnastics? She just foesn't understand. I tried explaining to her that he's in a younger age group with the boys. Apparently she has no problem playing with the boys. **sigh** Luckily they called her group out first, then his group. She did really good until they took a water break. She saw Littleman again and it all started. At the time they were working on the balance beams. Unfortunately she's all me when it comes to her physique. She's the shortest one in the class. All the others are on the taller beams. She's the only one on the short beam :P She starts to freak out about working on the beam. Which is silly cause she had a coach right there holding her hand. It was all downhill from there. Today she cried cause she didn't want to go. Not sure if it's because she can't play with Littleman or if she's really afraid of the balance beam. By the time we got through all that the class was halfway done, so we skipped it. So I told her I was cutting her off from Littleman for the day and that she had to go next week. Maybe I need to change the time. Push her class back later in the evening. That way it would give her time to come home and do homework and chill for a bit. I don't know. I'll figure it out.

I've decided the dog will be kicked out. I just don't get it. I feed him on schedule and let him out as soon as he's finished eating and many times after that. Why the bastard keeps shitting in his crate and in the house is beyond me. He's about to have a rude awakening. I'll start looking around for a dog house. He can park it under the tree in the back yard.

Today I did laundry and watched the movie Maria Full Of Grace. Exciting huh? Yeah I'm sure you can feel it in my words. Anyway the movie was good. People do some crazy shit. Heh, no pun intended! Next is Dave Chappelle. I'll let you know what I think.

Tomorrow I start the three day course on Real Estate Negotiations. It's gonna be a long weekend. I'm getting nervous about finishing up these classes. Soon I'll have to take the state exam. I hope I make it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hot after 40

Last night as I was waiting for Chiquita to finish with her shower I ran into VH1's 40 hottest after 40. I didn't watch all of it cause I'm sure they would draw it out to be a three hour show. But I got there just in time. **sigh** I had no idea that Denzel Washington is 50 years old! VH1 must be mistaken because all the times we met for lunch, had drinks, and in 2004 the day that Pauletta wasn't feeling too good and he needed me to go with him to find something to wear to the premiere of his movie Man On Fire, (yes I picked out the tux) not once did he mention the number 50! Look at him! He doesnt even look a day over 40! Damn, he's so hot. Makes me think of sin, sin, sin!

Oh yeah, batteries.

Monday, August 15, 2005

One more thing. Look what I found...

Found this site on the Yahoo weekly wire. I thought this was very interesting. I had no idea!


Fans of offbeat cross-cultural fads, rejoice! During the '50s, Yugoslavia embraced Mexican culture with fervor. Why? Yugoslav premier and strongman Josip Tito broadcast Mexican films on television as an alternative to Soviet programming. The films were a hit, and they inspired dozens of Yugoslav musicians to don mariachi outfits and croon cantina ballads in their native Slavic tongues. Slovenian novelist Miha Mazzini has lovingly assembled a jaw-dropping gallery of album covers and song clips from the golden age of Yu-Mex. Djordje Masalovic's album cover for "Meksiko" says it all -- a pudgy white guy in a sombrero. There are also several dark-eyed, frilly-dress enchantresses, such as Miroslava Mrda. Don't miss the song samples; they're must-listen material. Gracias, Belgrade!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Life Lessons

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very observant. Some call me nosey. I like to look at people. Put me in a public place with a comfy seat and a drink and I’m a happy camper. Won’t take me too long before I start laughing. I find humor in the oddest things. Lots of times it’s just plain wrong. Sometimes friends shake their head at me in disbelief. Eventually they laugh along with me.

I do this knowing that one day karma will pay me back.

My oldest brother is not in the very best of health. He’s a diabetic and for the second time he is having problems with a foot. He hasn’t been able to work for a couple months now. He’s on short-term disability and it’s about to run out. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the long term kicks in. I’m so glad his GF moved in with him from out of town. Otherwise it would be us having to help him. In order to help him out, my younger brother, extended family and I are organizing a benefit dinner to help the oldest brother. We met to discuss all that will be involved and figure out who is going to do what. One of my uncles says he spoke to a good friend who agreed to make a donation in the form of having the tickets printed out along with a ream of flyers. We didn’t know who this person was. We only knew that he was a friend of my uncle.

My uncle is a member of the Knights of Columbus. Not sure how often they do this, but there was some sort of meeting going on with the Knights and my uncle was going to cater the dinner. My uncle mentioned that he was in a bind because he didn’t have any help to serve the food. Since my uncle was doing so much to help us get the benefit together; my younger brother told him he would help him out for the KOC dinner. Still with me? Good. Now I have to go back a little further and do some splainin to set the story up.

At my last job, I worked with my younger brother in the same dept and office. It was a court/jail setting. Naturally it was supposed to be a very secure environment. We had smart cards that gave us access to certain areas. Several times a day we would have a jail docket. We were short staffed. (Not because we were short in height, but the other kind of in not enough staff :P.) So when it was time for court no one was left behind to man the office. We also dealt with police officers on a daily basis. They would come to us to file charges. The officers were not allowed in the office with us. There were a couple huge windows that separated us. It was very obvious that it was a secure environment. People passed that hall all day long. Our office was knick named the fishbowl, because we were so exposed. You could see everything in our office. In order for county employees to get to the jail, courtrooms, and Judges offices, they mostly used the hall in front of our office. So we had to be careful. Sometimes the public would get lost and find our window. At that point we’d have the privilege of giving info, or directions. Many times the public would somehow end up in a secure hallway because of some careless or too friendly employee. Other times, county employees would forget their smart cards at home and would expect us to let them in. Once I got in big trouble because a man showed up at the window and asked me to let him in. He said he was a judge. He was dressed casually. It was Sunday. I didn’t believe him. I’d never seen him before, so I told him no. He threatened my job. Sure enough, come Monday word trickled down that I should make a bigger effort to verify when something like that happens. WTF? My immediate boss didn’t have balls. He would never take a stand for something whether it was right or wrong. Ask him a question on procedure and you’d get at least two answers. Because according to him "there is a way things go and then there is a way things go. wink wink…"

Finally I’m getting around to my point. There was always a power struggle when the Printer guy arrived with our forms. He would show up with 60 or so boxes of the forms we used for court. We had a huge storage room in the back of our office. He would use a dolly to bring a few in at a time. Since he was not a county employee he didn’t have a smart card. So we’d end up having to open the door for him a lot. It got very old. And it didn’t help that the old fucker was rude to us. He was an old Mexican American man. WHEN he had help it was usually an illegal. He was even ruder to the help. He would direct them on where to go. He wouldn’t speak to them; he would snap his fingers and point in the direction he wanted them to go or what to do. We felt so bad for these people. They were probably getting minimum wage and I’m sure they hated the job. It was so bad that we all took offense to the way he would treat his help. We all had a "fuck him" attitude. Aside from his rudeness he had a very annoying habit. He would make a slurping sound. Ewww! Imagine having your teeth clenched and slurping at the same time. CREEPY! So it got to the point where we’d make fun of him. As soon as we saw him in the building we’d start making the slurping noise and snapping our fingers. We’d laugh at him. Aside from the annoying habit, he had so many boxes to bring in he would want us to either hold the door open while he would get another set of boxes or the old man would want us to prop the door open so that we wouldn’t have to keep letting him in, or he’d ask us for our smart card so that he could just come and go as needed. He was just flat our screwed if he showed up and we had to go to court. Sorry but you have to wait till we get back from court. Court took priority over everything else. If we had left our card with him it was a breech of security. There was no way any one of us was willing to do that. He never understood this. He’d talk to the higher ups and we’d go around and around. So we always thought he was such an ass, and I’m sure he thought the same about us.
Well…my brother was very shocked when he showed up to help my uncle and was introduced to this same person as the generous man who printed out the tickets for the benefit. Fortunately the old man didn’t recognize my brother. If he had recognized him I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy.

All those things you hear about not burning bridges, small world, karma, blah blah blah is true. You just never know when something will bite you in the ass. I'm still gonna laugh...

Monday, August 08, 2005


The past few days have been busy getting Chiquita ready for school. I bought most of her school supplies last week and this past weekend I took advantage of the tax free holiday and got all her clothes. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. My plan was to get out there really early, but my brother kept that from happening with all his drama. That's a story I'll get to later this week. Anyway, I was expecting long lines and rude people, but for the most part it was ok. I never had to wait in line forever and a day.

The school supply list was the toughest part. I can't get over the things they ask you to bring. Why do they need 4 boxes of facial tissue? I don't think I've ever gone through a whole box in one year for my Chiquita. WTF? Is it right for me to supply tissue for all the infested slime that drips from the noses of the other 15 kids? I guess what really gets me is that they ask for four boxes. Yes, four. So lets assume that there will be 16 students in this class. That's 64 boxes of facial tissue! I had the hardest time finding the 12x18 construction paper in white and the multi color packs. Finally I went to Hobby Lobby and they had them.

Well that's it for now. Chiquita starts school this Wednesday so I'll have more time to post. I have several things to write about. Like the tight naked ass I saw across the street, our trip to Disney, my great fall during my first trip to New York, my trip to the valley with my friend the Rock. Yeah, tha'ts what I'll call her. So this is it for now. I'll be back soon with pictures.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bitch! I said, gimme the ring and the blouse before I bust your ass! **UPDATE**

Things are so routine over here. Not much going on. I do need to get Chiquita and myself ready to step out. I need to get her school supplies. School starts next week. I dred this coming weekend. I have to get her school clothes. Hubby gets paid on Friday. So I'm sort of forced to fight the crowds.

A couple months ago I took a blouse to the cleaners to get mended. I keep forgetting to pick it up. They called me about a month ago. I forgot. Then they called about a week ago. I forgot again. A couple days ago I decided to pick it up. When I got there it was closed. Not a soul in sight. That was odd since it was only 5pm. Usually the cleaners are open till 7pm so they can serve the people coming home late. So I went back yesterday and there was a sign saying they moved to the other cleaners down the street. Not sure if they merged or what. So I go to the "new" location and there is a sign on that door. The sign doesn't say there was an emergency, be right back, etc. It says "will be back 1-2:30" WTF??? So....looks like the place is only open for 1 1/2 hrs a day? So anyway, I'm losing my patience with them. I'm sure lots of other people are too. They only have one blouse of mine. What about the people who left several pieces. Bet they are pissed.

I spoke to hubby last night. I new right off the bat that something was wrong. I could hear it in his tone. He lost his wedding band. Says he forgot to put it on. He had left it in the locker in his room. But the locker was unlocked. Says he doens't have a key for it. **sigh** He lives in a resort and they have a cleaning crew. This was a wedding band that we had custom made. My mother gave us scraps of gold that my father had left over from his work. He was a jeweler. She told us to have it melted into whatever design we wanted. It was a very simple design, but it was ours. It was engraved on the inside. He doens't think it'll do any good to report it. I think it will. At least it will put them on notice. Maybe there's a pattern. Maybe others have lost items also. Never know. If it were me I would have a talk with the cleaning crew. I'd tell them that the ring is missing. Don't care who took it, but I want it put back within a few days, and if it's not there then I will report it to the higher ups. Maybe it will turn up but most likely it won't.

**UPDATE** Yaaayyy! Hubby called me this evening and said he got his ring back. He said he left it in the shower at the villa. One of his roommates saw it and held it until he could find hubby. He was very relieved and grateful that the guy found it.

I went to the cleaners and they were opened. I got my blouse back! You're right Jay. I'm lucky that after all the time they held it they didn't toss it out or charge me more to store it. Not sure if they do that around here. but it won't happen again.

Monday, August 01, 2005

New & Noteable Site not so noteworthy

Today I got the daily wire from Yahoo. Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts and Body Wear was one of the New and Noteable sites featured. "Authentic tattoo clothing created to help you celebrate art and body daily."


I admit the art is really nice, but why would you wear one of these shirt/thingys in order to celebrate art? If you really like tattoo art, why not just get a tattoo. The stretchable nylon that goes over your arms and around your back comes in a few shades to match various skin tones. Some of the models that are pictured matched up ok, but on others it was very obvious of the difference. Seems like it can be a bit decieving by wearing it. I can see how someone might see you and think it's cool as hell, but as soon as they get close up you'd lose all your cool points. Loser....

To me, the people who actually have tattoos are the ones who really celebrate tattoo art. Having the ability to put it on and take it off as you please seems really cheesy.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Is it about damn time or what??

Thanks to Webmastermama for this quick post. She commented on my blog asking when I was going to blog again and she linked me. So thanks a whole bunch mama! This is just the kick in the butt that I needed. As for now I really need to make this fast. I have to get to bed. It's past 1am and I need to be up by 7am. I have class tomorrow morning! I do need to make time to blog. I have plenty to say, I just haven't been motivated to do so.

Speaking of kicking butts, I'm sorry about the subject matter of this post. It is a bit should I say? ummm messy. But it's been the source of my frustration all day today. Again, I've been wondering what the hell was I thinking when I got a dog? He's a cutie and all, but damn! It's like I have a baby all over again. If I wanted to give up more of my freedom, I would've had another baby, cause this is close to having one. When away from the house I use a crate for the dog. Yeah, I know. But please, don't hate me. So anyway, the other night I forgot to put him in the crate for the night. At 5am I wake up to hear his dog tag jingling, and the tapping of his feet on the hard woods. **sigh** So annoying. So I got up to put him in his crate. He was making a bit of noise so I closed the doors to the room he was in. When I woke up, he was making lots of noise.

**WARNING** this gets bad, so if you have a weak tummy, you better go away. NOW.

As I open the doors, I was shocked to find a shitty mess in his crate and on his pillow. Eww, that smell. MF!! Guess I fucked up by not letting him out before putting him in the crate at 5am. But I've never done that before. I didn't think it was needed. Well now I know. So I got the mess all cleaned up. Him included. I'm thinking, poor baby.. he had a rough night trying to hold back. And I think we all know what it's like when you got the friends bangin at the back door.

The next night, I do things as normal. Let him out before bed. All is good. Clean crate and pillow for the four legged creature. Shiit! I wake up to the same noise. When I opened the door. I had to get mob-like on the damn dog. We had to "talk" up close and personal. On top of that, the neighbors kid was coming over. I agreed to watch him since his mom had to work on short notice. I didnt want them coming over smelling shit as they walk in. I had to hurry up and get it cleaned up. Well, I guess regardless of who was coming over, I wasn't gonna sit there smelling it all day. Eww. It had to be done ASAP. Anyway! My whole point is I'm about ready to hand his little ass off to someone else. You want him? He's cute! White with black spots. Hmm...or is it the other way, black with white spots? He's potty trained! :P See? Isn't he cute?? Uhh, ignore the stained carpet.

Well let me know! I'll even cover shipping and handling.

Damn, I better go now. This took longer than I thought. It's way passed my bedtime. Be back soon.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Somethings gotta give

Seems like my life sucks so bad right now. Most of the time I can hold it together, but sometimes it just gets the best of me and I break. I had to go back to my old job and get less pay than what I made before, no benefits, no sick days, shitty shift and have to deal with people who are too lazy to get off their fat asses. This asshole thinks he can bark orders at me like I work for him. I know my job too well to be told what to do. Yup we went at it again. I'm not gonna take it like all the other sheep around here. Hell, I still wouldn't take it if I got the same pay as before. So fuck him! And there's more where that came from if he wants to keep it up! Then I've got the other fat boywho breathes, eats, and shits everything Anime. And let's not forget the annoying old buzzard what sits in front of me. I swear the man gets on my fucking nerves! I can never understand a damn thing he says. Either he's mumbling, or he brings up a subject that we covered the day before. He's as old as dirt. The man has seen and been through so much I could learn from him. BUT, half the time he doesn't make sense! He has no snap. Ever see old people driving that shouldn't be driving?? YUP! that's him. They need to take the keys from his ass. Stay home old man. Go gnaw on a piece of bread or something!

Hubby just got bad news. He'll be laid off from his job by July. Meanwhile, after submitting his resume for tons of jobs-no calls. I'm hoping something comes through soon. He's thinking he'll have to go work overseas again, which really sucks. Chiquita has really enjoyed him since he got back. It has been nice having him back home even though we seem to be at each others throats lately. I was hoping things would get better between us. Sometimes I think they are, then shit hits the fan again. Seems like the shit has been hitting the fan more often lately. Alot of times he doesn't look happy. I know he sees the same in me. What gives?

Meanwhile I'm trying to find another job with better hours. This shift is wearing me out! Tonight I was falling asleep while driving TO work! That's not good. Having one vehicle isn't helping either. I get off of work at 5am, go home and hit the bed for an hour or so. Then I have to take hubby to the park and ride at 7am. Come back and get Chiquita on the school bus. Finally at 8am I hit the bed again. But as soon as the clock hits noon, my internal clock tricks me into thinking I've had 8 hrs sleep when in fact I've only had about 5 hrs. Some days I feel good enough to get a few things done around the house. Other days I don't want to do shit. Just as soon as I start to get sleepy again, it's time for Chiquita to get off the bus. On a good day I'll have dinner going, shower, etc to get ready for work. Then it's time to get hubby from the park and ride. Drop him at home and I'm on my way to work again. It's a vicious cycle. I need to get the hell out of here. Everybody knows that coming back was not in the plan. I see the disappointment in their eyes. Maybe I see it in their eyes cause they see it in mine. Hmmm... Interesting thought.

This job was supposed to be a quick fix. We needed some kind of money coming in. But I'm not getting any responses from sending out my resume either. This sucks man!

Friday, May 06, 2005

blending in

:P One of the guys who works in the courtroom/jail decides to wear an orange shirt. Is that dumb or what? Orange is the color of the defendants uniforms! Sure nuff! One of the deputies thought he was one of the defendants! LOL Dum dum...

There's a lady who works in our office who is a mother hen. She wants to take care of everybody. She's very sweet, to a fault. People get so annoyed by her because she makes food at home and brings it for everyone to eat. Sounds like a good deal, right? Not if you saw the Shrek-like hands she has! Bitch has huge hands. And they look like they have some kinda fungus or somethin on her nails. Shit! She don't even have nails! Ewwww!!!!! mm mm **shaking head** you can't get me to eat that shit! Everytime she brings something I tell her I just got through eating. I can be starving, but I won't eat her food! H-E-L-L- N-O!

Those of us who've been here know better. But when a newbie comes in, they think she's the sweetest thing. Our ears perk up when she offers them food. We all wonder how long it will take before they notice the funkdified Shrek-like hands :P

Friday, April 29, 2005

Aww hell no!

This is some ole bullshit! One of my co-workers finally broke down and confessed that he is lactos intolerant. Says he drank lots of milk this morning. Apparently he's been cutting the cheese. I don't get paid enough to smell his funky ass! Good thing this office is big. He better keep his distance.

Friday, April 22, 2005


Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook. A few days ago, I came across a food blog. It's pretty interesting. The writer gives reviews on different products and she also gives recipes that she has tried. Like the recipe she had for Samosas and Mac and Cheese. That's a good thing cause looking for recipes over the net can be tricky.

I think I'll try the samosas this weekend. One ingredient it calls for is garam masala. I looked in the spice isle at the nearest HEB. They had a tiny jar for $3.99. Pretty steep for a spice I never use. So I went to the ethnic isle and found it in a much larger bag for $2. I don't know what I'll do with so much. Maybe I'll give small quantities away with the recipe. If you want some, let me know.

I also want to try the Mac and Cheese recipe, but that will have to wait cause it calls for three cheeses. I need a government cheese connection. I've heard government cheese makes the best mac and cheese.
(I just asked my two coworkers if they know someone who has access. One coworker who I will call Darren cause he reminds me of Darren from the show Bewitched won't confirm nor deny that he knows someone who has access to it. The other coworker who I will call The Bullfrog says he only knows of the box type of mac and cheese. :P He says government cheese will get you all bound up. I wonder how he knows. Hmm....)

Finding this blog has given me inspiration to get in the kitchen and cook a fine meal. Guess that's a good thing since hubby is home. He likes to eat. He can be my guinea pig. So anyway I'll be looking at this food blog, and I'll be sure to post the results of the recipes I try. I'd like to find a food blog that is more ethnic. I'll be looking for one. If you know of one let me know.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

garage for sale

A couple weekends ago we had a garage sale. My neighbor on the right had one too. I got some good and bad out of it. $150 and lots of junk out of my house-good. Hurt my foot when I dropped a headboard on it-bad. One thing I know for sure. You have to be agressive with your customers. If not, they will run your ass over. Two ladies from down the street saw all my shit out in the driveway. So they came over. But I was still setting up. I came across a box that had some items that belong to my mother who passed away in 2000. So when they showed up I was on the phone with my brother. I was asking him if he wanted those particular items. So even though these things have been put away in my garage for the last five years, he decides he still wants them. Damnit! I should charge him storage fees! Anyway, these ladies could hear everything I was saying to my brother, and they were STILL picking these things out of the box! I had to hang up the phone so I could tell them to get out of the box. I also had a bible in that box. I was tempted to sell it when the lady asked how much I was selling it for. But just then I could swear my mother knocked me up side my head as if to tell me "don't you dare!" So I didn't. Heh... But is it ok to sell a bible or is it an unwritten rule that you can't sell them? Of course they can be sold cause I see them in the stores. But once you get one, whether it's given to you or if you buy it, can you sell it? Just cause you get one does that mean that you're stuck with it for life?? I felt guilty just thinking about it.

I had a couple bags in the garage that I hadn't sorted through. These people...they were all in my garage going through the bags. Aww hell no! I had to tell them those things weren't for sale. Then there was another incident where a small SUV pulled up. For a minute I thought the circus was in town cause 8 people came out of the vehicle. I'm not kidding. 2 were in the front, 3 in the back seat, and 3 came out of the back of the vehicle. Both times, the people I'm talking about were latinos. I never did have a chance to stop and get hubby's thought on what was going on. But what's the point of going to garage sales when you have that many people in your car. It's not like you can buy a whole lot. Where are you going to put it? Maybe they have tricks up their sleeves. Maybe they DO work for the circus. Maybe they have hidden compartments where they can stash all the bargains they find. Maybe they'll tie the 3 people on top of the vehicle. I'll have another garage for sale in a couple weeks. Let's see if they come back.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I hate it when people are moody. I've been gone from this job for 13 months. There's one girl who I've seen several times over the past week. I was happy to see her. She wasn't so happy to see me. Not once has she smiled at me. That's ok, if I've done something to piss you off. But if I haven't seen you in a year and you either 1) hardly look my way or 2) you give me a look like I stink. Well FUCK YOU! I'd understand if you're having a bad day or a bad week. Now she has the nerve to look at me with a smile and give me that cute little wave. Aww hell no. The damage is done.

And what is it with those type of people who ask for something, then want more?

Another girl asked me the other day if my hubby could give her a ride when he comes to pick me up from work. She wanted us to take her 2 blocks away to the lot where she parked her car. I probably sound like a bitch, but I'm not. I am a very considerate person. Almost to a fault. If it's dark outside, or it's a very long walk, or even a long walk into a questionable area, maybe it's raining, or very cold outside, blah, blah, blah. But in this case it was still daylight. Anyway, I never came right out and emphasized the fact that it would be a short walk. I just said we would do it. She asked me to let her know when I was leaving the building.

Well the time came for me to leave. I poke my head into her cubicle and at the same time she gets a cell call. I told her I was going outside. No response. Ok, maybe she didn't hear me. I told her again. She said she'd be right out. This is when I knew things were going to go wrong. It never fails with her. She's that type. So I had to toughen up. I thought if she wasn't out by the time hubby gets there her ass is SOL. Well she comes out a couple minutes later and asks if hubby is on his way. I tell her yes. This is when she pisses me off. Bitch has the nerve to tell me to call her when he gets here cause she has some work to finish.


Aww hell no!

I had to get rude with her. I told her we didn't have time to wait until she could come out, that we had a long drive. She has the nerve to get all indignant and shiit! Well fuck you too!

Then my lazy ass coworker pisses me off today. He is so lazy he expects others to do his job. He'd like to just sit here AT WORK and surf the web all damn day. Anyway, by the time he gets in he's stuck with the shitty work station. I say shitty because it's right in front of the window. He asks me if I can switch desks with him. So he gives me this lame excuse that he doesn't want to sit there because the guy who usually does sit there has the desk drawer booby trapped. Whatever. So I figure it's his fear of talking to the public. So being the considerate person that I am, I switch desks with him. Well later I notice he's just surfing the web and doesn't want all the people passing by our window to see the monitor. ASSHOLE. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Tomorrow will be interesting when I tell him no. :P We'll see how that goes.

To be continued...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

El fin and then some

Yeah, yeah I said I was shutting this down. Well I'm not so sure just yet. I do want to start another blog, but I need to give some thought to all the details. So for now, this will do.

Hubby decided to come back home from working overseas. Which means that we're basically up the creek. We got his last check and it sucked so bad. We had to scramble to get jobs again. The easiest thing to do was get our old ones back. I guess I need to stop bitchin and moaning and be grateful that we started working so soon. But still it's 2 more weeks before we get paid and we're down to nothing right now. We paid our light and gas and bought food with what we had left, so we should be ok for a little while. I just hope we can recover quickly. If not we'll be right back where we started. Screwed.

So now I'm at the old job. It's going ok. What's gonna suck is when I finish with the "training". It's been a whole year since I left, but it's like riding a bike. I picked up where I left off. I was a bit surprised at myself because I remembered more than I thought. Little ole me who forgets all the things I need to remember and remember all the things I need to forget. I've seen all the old faces. I'm trying not to get too settled in just yet. This wasn't part of my plan. I had no intention of coming back here. Unfortunately I'll be working the 3rd shift. I say unfortunately, but again I need to focus on the positive. It really will work out better for us since we only have one vehicle. The newest thing at my work is doing court video. The judges are in one building and the defendants in another. It's interesting. Everyone around here has complaints about it. My only complaint is I don't like seeing myself on that huge screen. There are signs posted everywhere reminding everyone that the camera and mic might be on. Guess I shouldn't pick my nose or scratch in inapproriate places when I'm in the court room.

One thing thats already getting on my damn nerves is my co-worker and the judge. They're like family. But they won't shut the fuck up! My co-worker sits about 12 ft to my right and he talks about nothing. Sort of like living in a Jerry Seinfeld sitcom. Then there is the judge. I've been gone a year. You'd think he has new material. But noooooooo. I've heard the chilhood story about his Shetland pony for the thousanth time! This man is 70+ yrs old. How he remembers all these stories is beyond me. Maybe I should do them like I do my husband. Tune out the junk. Well it's almost time for court. I better get. Now that I'm hooked up with the net, it will be easier for me to update. Hasta aproximo...

Monday, April 04, 2005

El Fin's been so long! There's lots to say and lots been going on, but I guess I just haven't been in the mood. Too many changes that are distracting. But I just need to do it. Hey it could be free therapy for me! Unfortuneately I feel the need to pick up and move my words elsewhere. I should've given more thought to what I'd write about when I first started this blog. I feel self conscious about what I say. It reminds me of the windows in my living room. The mini blinds haven't been put back up since the room got painted. So whenever I turn the lights on at night I get this feeling that I'm being watched by the neighbors. Can't scratch my ass or walk around in my birthday suit. I started back up at my old job. As soon as I get set up with my sign-on I'll start over. I have waaaay more down time at work. was short and sweet, but I'm outta here! Adios...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Awww, you shouldn't have!

One of my closest friends just stopped by to give me some flowers for Valentine's. Even though I went off on that rant yesterday, I was so touched it brought me to tears. It must be PMS, cause I've been like a fountain. Just overflowing with emotion. She's been good to me. I'm glad to have her in my life.

Che reminded me of old times

I needed a pick me up and an oil change so I made a quick trip to Walmart. I'm taking my time picking up the few things I needed and the ones I didn't need :P I'm in the canned fruit section when a very round late 50 to early 60 year old woman looks at me. She was pushing a very full basket of groceries, and she had on one of those nylon ID/key chains(with nothing attached) that says "I Love Jesus" and a very patriotic bandana wrapped around her head. I'm short, but she was even shorter. If not for the bandana, I could've seen the part in her hair. So anyway, she makes eye contact with me and treats me like I've known her for many years. For a second I thought she might hug me. She reminded me of a very close friend of my mother. It was very strange. (try to imagine the accent of Speedy Gonzales or imagine someone who gets the "ch" and "sh" mixed up in words. Like instead of saying "chair" she says "shair" or "sheese" instead of "cheese" and instead of just saying the word "cereal", she would make it plural, like "cereals") She says...

"hey girl! How are you doing?"

me: "I'm doing good. "

"so you're jus out chopping, huh?"

me: "Yeah I needed a few things."

"yeah we came to get some tings too"

me: (arching my eyebrows) "Do I know you?"

"No, but I see you around all the times."

me: "Oh."

me: "You said (we). Who are you with?"

"Is jus me and my daughter. Che wasn't feeeeling good today and I told her to jus stay home but che jus kep saying tha che reeelly needed to get a few tings. So tha's why we're here."

"It's so nice outside, huh girl?"

Me: "yes it is"

"So you're jus getting a few tings huh?"

Me: "yeah, just a few things" (while slowly moving my basket ahead and thinking "o.....k........ this bitch is crazy!)

"Ok, girl. Well you take care. We'll see you around ok? God Bless you"

It was wierd cause she talked to me like we were neighbors or long time friends, or cousins. It made me wonder if I really go to Walmart that much which means that "che" must be there quite a bit too or was "che" just looney like that. I think it might be an even split.

Oh and BTW, I saw her again in another area of the store and "che" and the daughter were each pushing two full baskets of groceries. :P So much for picking up a few "tings"

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy what?

Maybe I've become cynical about the whole Valentine thing. But I'm so irritated by the holiday. I'm glad it's over. Now I can just forget the whole day for another year. All I see is people going on and on about the holiday. Spending a fortune for flowers. Having expensive dinners, and buying expensive crappy jewelry. And the commercials are so corny. Like how many people really have the means to fly across the world just to give a loved one a overpriced piece of jewelry?? And who pays the cost for the in laws to go along to? I'd rather skip the Valentine flowers and take them on another day when they don't jack up the price so much. Unfortunately my birthday is too close to Valentines's Day. If you want to send me flowers you'd get screwed on the 7th just like you would on the 14th. Besides, they just die in a few days. So why go spend $80 on a bouquet of flowers when you can get them for $20 any other time of the year? Hell if you really want to spend $80 you can get me flowers in August, and you'll still have some left over for perfume. It's so commercialized. The schools even push it on the kids. What's the big deal? Why is it important for 5yr olds to celebrate this day? What about the kids who don't get as many valentines as the "popular" kids. That has to be a blow to their self esteem, when you don't get as many cards as the others. When you grow up to think that in order to be worthy you have to get flowers, etc on Feb 14th. No wonder people get so bummed this time of year.

Hmmm, I think this is my first "bitchin" post. It can't be PMS. I've never been one of those women who complained about that. I don't want to get a bad vibe going here. I think I'm in a bad mood. I better go to bed. Let's hope I wake up feeling better. Wish me luck...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Do you want a dog?

He's really cute and fun to play with. He comes with all the accessories. I suddenly feel the urge to toss his ass out the door! While I was in the shower, this pipsqueak goes into my dirty laundry and rips my panties apart! Mmm Hmm! He's freaky like that!

Let me know... I'll deliver.

On second thought, I better keep him. Chiquita would be so upset if he left. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have the damn thing.

Guess it's time to buy some more panties!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Freak Show Down South

This is the latest in our local news. This is some funny and bizarre shit! (no pun intended) Not the fact that he died, but because of what he did in his everyday life.

It makes me wonder. At what point while dating did the then girlfriend find out about this, and what did she think of it? Personally, I would've ran like a bat out of hell! Gives a new meaning to going out for a drink, huh? I can just see it...

"Sugarplum, can you whip up a batch of them fine Pina Coladas for me? Ooooh that looks tasty! Ok, just pour it right in! Careful! Don't waste it!"

Or how about this...

Man calling wife on phone: "Honey, I've had a tough day at work. I don't really feel like going out tonight. What if we rent some movies and stay in? I'll pop some corn and you can whip us up a batch of my favorite milkshake"

I have a friend who says the man did it because he didn't want alcohol on his breath. LOL...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fuck it! was meant to be...

My poor little Chiquita has been sick. So I kept her home from school yesterday. My plans were to just stay home and try to get some studying done while pampering her, but then I realized we were running low on a few things. So we packed up and headed out the door. Our game plan was to stop at the bank then the grocery store. I usually don't buy the junk food cause......I'll eat it! Well, I got the things I needed as quick as possible ( to avoid being tempted) and went to the checkout. There was a hand basket on the floor at the end of the checkout. I waited a bit to see if anyone would claim it. But no luck. So I went to pick it up and there it was underneath a few produce bags. A brand spanking new, perfect package of Oreo cookies! I tried man! I really tried! But it was calling me!

This is the convo we had.....

Oreos: "chaparra.... pst! chaparra! Mamita.....take me home with you. I want to be devoured by you. I can feel it in the middle; you want me too! Take me home and eat me mama!"

me: "No I can't. I have a whole container of cookie dough that I bought from a school fundraiser."

Oreos: "you know you want me!"

me: "well I do want you, but I really shouldn't"

Oreos: "chaparra, I see you passing by me EVERYTIME you come here. You want me"

me: "no I don't!"

Oreos: " do! I know what you're doing. You're trying to make me jealous"

me: "huh? jealous? How??"

Oreos: "yes, jealous. You pass by me and go straight to the damn crackers! I can't believe you like those crackers!"

me: "well, I'm just trying to be good, you know, watch myself. I have to take care of me!"

Oreos: "Chaparra, how can you say that when you know deep down inside that you enjoy me more than you enjoy THEM. Think of all the good times we've had! Don't you want that again?"

me: "well yeah I do, but it's been so long ago...I DON'T KNOW!

Oreos: "Okay I'll tell you what chaparra, take me home this one last time. Let's give it a try. We'll sit by the tv and have some milk or we could sneak some time here and there. Then if you really don't want me then you can toss me aside and I won't bother you again"

me: "well ok, just this once!"

**sigh** I thought long and hard for two whole seconds. That's when I realized that it was meant to be. Otherwise they wouldn't have been sitting there when I got to the checkout. Right? It WAS meant to be. It really was...